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Water Supply System Novi Sad Revision of System Development Program 2011

Detailed Project summary

The construction of the water supply system of Novi Sad started in the sixties of the last century, when the first Renney wells and potable water plant were constructed at the Štrand site. From then on, to the beginning of the nineties, the water supply system kept developing quite evenly. The events of the nineties largely disturbed the achievement of the town development plans, thus the water supply system, as well. Economic recession and crisis lead to an essentially complete halt of any investment activities targeted to development, and the air raids of 1999 destroyed or disabled part of vital structures in the system. All that imposed a serious reconsideration of the then concept, so that in 2003 a Revision was made, providing for major guidelines for the water supply system development in three variants.


The need for a new revision is justified by the changes in demographic, economic and spatial development of Novi Sad and the municipalities of Sremski Karlovci and Beočin, the experience gained during fifty years of existing system operation and the objective condition of the system, and finally by the guidelines for upgrading of commercial performance of PUC “Waterworks and Sewerage”. Nowadays, the system supplies potable water to all communities of the Novi Sad Town, except for Begeč which has its own water supply system. The municipality of Sremski Karlovci is connected to the system, and the municipality of Beočin is also planned to be connected to it.




PUC „Waterworks and Sewerage“ Novi Sad

Project value: 143,000 €


Type of executed works


The subject of the Revision is the development plan for the entire water supply system. The planning period is until the year 2031.

  • Description and review of existing development plan status
  • Population, public functions and industry: distribution in space and time, zoning
  • Processing of statistical data on water consumption so far
  • Population, public functions and industry: water demand (analyses, mean daily consumption, actual consumption, coefficients of unevenness)
  • Springs: required capacity, status, development plan, raw water quality, spring protection (in cooperation with the Institute for Development of Water Resources “Jaroslav Černi”)
  • Water treatment: required capacities, locations, technological process of treatment, development proposal, hydraulic model of treatment plant (in cooperation with the Hydro System DTD)
  • Distribution: hydraulic model of distribution system in EPANET, set up and analysis of development plan variants, economic analysis, synthesis of results, proposal for distribution development
  • Selection of solution: set up and analysis of variants of possible solutions for the system as a whole, comparative presentation of results of variant analyses, detailed presentation of proposed solution with reasoning.

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