Water Supply Systems

Water Supply System Novi Sad Revision of System Development Program 2011

The construction of the water supply system of Novi Sad started in the sixties of the last century, when the first Renney wells and potable water plant were constructed at the Štrand site . . .


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Consulting Services on Implementation of KfW Programme I and II: Water Supply and Sewerage in Mid-Size Municipalities

In the last 15-20 years, bottlenecks resulting from inadequate maintenance have appeared in water supply systems of mid-size municipalities in Serbia . . .


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Efficiency Upgrade and Water Loss Reduction in Water Supply System of City of Požarevac

Further to estimates, the public utility company (PUC) „Water Supply and Sewerage“ serves about 45,000 inhabitants, most of the industry in the town . . .


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Water Treatment Plants

Pre-Feasibility Study with General Design of Water Quality Improvement and Sewerage System Upgrading in the Towns of Kikinda, Bečej, Novi Bečej and Zrenjanin

This project is the first stage in solving of water management issues in the municipalities of Kikinda, Bečej, Novi Bečej and Zrenjanin. . . .


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Sewerage Systems

Consulting services on implementation of KfW Program III: Sewer Systems in Mid-size Municipalities in Serbia.

The overall objective of the Program is to contribute to progress in the reform of local self-government as part of the decentralization process  . . .


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General Solution for Belgrade Sewerage System until year 2021

Study of BKS mathematical simulation model development – Phase I of digital mapping. The General Solution of BKS until 2021 is made within implementation of the Belgrade Master Plan  . . .


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Waste Water Treatment Plants

FIDIC Engineer according to FIDIC Yellow Book for construction of WWTP in the TPP Nikola Tesla A

EPS (Public Enterprise Electric Power Industry of Serbia) is under obligation to align the operation of the thermal power plants with the provisions . . .


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Feasibility Study with Preliminary Design of WWTP Veliko Selo (Belgrade)

WWTP Veliko Selo is one of the five WWTPs envisaged by the Belgrade Master Plan until 2021. Central sewerage system covers a considerable territory  . . .


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Ports and harbours

Feasibility Study with Preliminary Design, Detail Design and Supervision of construction of Kostolac Port

In the domain of electric power generation within the Kostolac coal basin, future investments are targeted towards, among other, construction of block B3 . . .


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General Design and Pre-Feasibility Study of New Mechanised Cargo Port in Belgrade

The Belgrade Master Plan until 2021 and the Master Plan and Feasibility Study of Inland Waterway Transport in Serbia (for the time period until 2025)  . . .


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Flood protection

Waterfront Project

EAGLE HILLS PROPERTIES ltd, as the Investor of the project “Belgrade Waterfront”, is directly interested in the coastal area where the realization of this project   . . .


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Project of Urgent Reconstruction Works on the Embankment on the river Sava – East Section

The existing embankments along the right bank of the Sava and Drina from Šabac (km 0+000) to Crna Bara (km 63+688) are part of a complex flood control system of the Mačva region  . . .


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Detailed Design of Water Intake from the Danube for Irrigation of Northern Part of Pančevački Rit

Pančevački Rit is a distinct geomorphological unit surrounded by river courses, in the west and south by the Danube, in the north by the Karašac, and in the northeast and east by the Tamiš  . . .


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Detailed Design of Hydro-Amelioration System Čačak

As one of the first irrigation systems in central Serbia, in the period 1957-1960, the Parmenac dam was constructed on the Zapadna Morava with a water intake for irrigation  . . .


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