Flood protection

Project of Urgent Reconstruction Works on the Embankment on the river Sava – East Section


Detailed Project summary

The existing embankments along the right bank of the Sava and Drina from Šabac (km 0+000) to Crna Bara (km 63+688) are part of a complex flood control system of the Mačva region. Floods potentially endanger about 30,000 ha of top quality agricultural land with intensive agricultural production and well-developed drainage channelling. Floods also potentially endanger 15 settlements, including Šabac town.

The existing system does not meet the required degree of protection of this region against the Sava floods. In 2010, a recorded floodwave with high water levels in rather adverse hydrological conditions caused extremely high costs of effected protection.


Mindful of the realistic risk of hydrological emergency which might jeopardize the whole region, human lives and material goods, upon proposal of the Šabac town flood control headquarters, it was to decided to carry out urgent works which must be promptly started in order to mitigate the flood risks in case of another floodwave occurrence. The large floodwave in Mačva region, resulting from insufficient height of embankment over most of the flood control line, justifies the decision to proceed urgently with embankment reconstruction, according to adopted schedule, phases of construction, in compliance with adopted technical solutions from the Preliminary Design which need to be elaborated to the final design level, along the adopted route of the future reconstructed embankment within state-owned land strip.




PUC Srbijavode (The project is financed by the World Bank)

Project value: 84,000 €


Type of executed works


  • Topographic, geomechanical and hydrological input data and maps
  • Technical solution of embankment reconstruction
  • Technical concepts and details, works and conditions of adjecent structures protection
  • Embankment stability and safety analysis
  • Technical conditions for execution of works
  • Measures of protection at work
  • Bill of quantities with cost estimate

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