we possess domestic and international licenses

  • Developed by the British firm Wallingford Software:
    InfoWorks CS - mathematical modelling of municipal wastewater collection systems
    InfoWorks WS - mathematical modelling of water supply systems
    InfoWorks RS - mathematical modelling of river systems
  • Specialised programme developed by the Australian firm Hytran Solutions:
    Hytran - mathematical modelling of water hammer in pipelines
  • Developed by the firm Studio Ars:
    Hydra - water supply system design
    Canalis - sewerage system design
  • Developed by the firm CGS:
    Aquaterra - river training and regulation design

  • Apart from licenses for specialised programmes, our experts are experienced in freeware programmes of the American Environmental Protection Agency (EPA):
    EPANET - modelling of water supply networks,
    SWMM - modelling of sewerage networks,
  • Programme of the American USACE (United States Army Corps of Engineers):
    HEC-RAS - open channel water flow modelling.

 The use of AutoCad and Civil 3D has long settled down as a must.

We possess the licenses for preparation of technical documents for facilities which require construction permit issued by the Ministry:

  • P010G3 - hydrotechnical designs of large dams and reservoirs filled with water, waste rock or fly ash, subject to technical monitoring regulations
  • P071G3 - hydrotechnical designs of inter-regional and regional water supply and sewerage facilities
  • P072G3 - hydrotechnical designs for WTP > 200 l/s
  • P072M2 - mechanical designs for WTP > 200 l/s
  • P072Т1 - process designs for WTP > 200 l/s
  • P073G3 - hydrotechnical designs for WWTP > 200 l/s
  • P073М2 - mechanical designs for WWTP > 200 l/s
  • P073Т1 - process designs for WWTP > 200 l/s
  • P080G3 - hydrotechnical designs of river training works for flood control of urban and rural areas exceeding 300 ha
  • P120G1 - hydrotechnical designs of passenger terminals and ports
  • P120G3 - civil designs of passenger terminals and ports
  • P160G3 - hydrotechnical designs of hydraulic structures on fairways

We possess licenses for the following special software

packages in the field of civil engineering and hydraulics:



Our business is certified in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001 (2015), ISO 14001 (2015) and OHSAS 18001 (2007) by the authorized certification and inspection  body of TMS CEE d.o.o. We are a regular member of the Association of Consulting Engineers of Serbia (ACES), which is an official member of the worldwide FIDIC and the European EFCA Association. EHTING is also a representative for the Serbian market of the company "Protok" d.o.o. from Zagreb, Croatia, for ProGIS software package designed to help develop Information Systems in municipal hydraulic engineering.


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