Sewerage Systems

General Solution for Belgrade Sewerage System until year 2021


Detailed Project summary

Study of BKS mathematical simulation model development – Phase I of digital mapping. The General Solution of BKS until 2021 is made within implementation of the Belgrade Master Plan. For the requirements of Belgrade sewerage system planning and development, evaluation and ranking of conceptual solutions, and elaboration of plans from the General Solution, a mathematical simulation model of the sewerage system is to be developed.


The model shall be developed with a view to perspective operative management. Phase I of this study implies digital mapping and mathematical modelling by means of programme package Info Works CS.



Client: Belgrade Land Development Public Agency

Consortium: Geo Gis Consulting (Belgrade)

Project value: 210,000 €


Type of executed works


  • Data and information categorisation and standardisation
  • Generation of interactive digital map prototype
  • Generation of the Belgrade sewerage system digital map:
    Topographic maps and general data
    Hydrometeorological data
    Information on sewerage facilities
  • Development of mathematical model

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