Waste Water Treatment Plants

FIDIC Engineer according to FIDIC Yellow Book for construction of WWTP in the TPP Nikola Tesla A


Detailed Project summary

EPS (Public Enterprise Electric Power Industry of Serbia) is under obligation to align the operation of the thermal power plants with the provisions of relevant domestic and EU laws by the end of 2015, in terms of harmful substances emissions into waters. Indeed, one of the conditions for obtaining an integrated permit for further operation of thermal power plants and performance of activities after 2015, is the alignment of emission and introduction of best available techniques for water emission reduction. The Sector Fiche for IPA 2013 envisages the construction of a wastewater treatment plant at the Nikola Tesla Power Plant. The plant (Unit A, of 1,502 MW net output power) is located on the right bank of the Sava river, some 40 km from Belgrade, just next to Obrenovac (about 30,000 inhabitants). In accordance with the above, the Waste Water Treatment Plant should be constructed up to a level that has to be in accordance with EU regulations.


The overall objective of the assignment is to support Serbia in reforming the energy policy by meeting EU Acquis through enhanced strategic planning, increase use of renewable energy and infrastructure support for establishing a regional energy market, and improvement o water quality in Sava river by decreasing the concentration of relevant parameters at the thermal plant outlet (mineral oils, suspended solids, heavy metals, BOD) leading to an improvement in water quality around the plant, thus enabling the health of the overall population to improve. The specific  bjective of the assignment is to provide EPS with the necessary assistance in the coordination, supervision, and project and site management of Design-build contract for construction under FIDIC rules: design, construction, trail operation and commissioning of WWTP at Nikola Tesla A.




EPS (Public Enterprise Electric Power Industry of Serbia), funded by EU Delegation

Value of construcion: 9,484,000 €


Type of executed works


  • Supervising the preparation of the detailed design on the basis of the already
  • prepared functional specifications
  • Assist EPS in the preparation of implementation plans and time schedule for the construction
  • Site visits and clarification questions during tendering for the design-build contract
  • Assistance during procurement process for the main works contract
  • Review of contractor’s drawings and documents
  • Supervising the works contract
  • Assist supervision and monitoring sites activities, e.g. construction, commissioning
  • and testing of plant performance
  • Assisting in the review of time scheduling
  • Review of contractor’s quality assurance plans for design and/or procurement
  • Advise contracting authority and EPS on the project and site management issues
  • Advise contracting authority and EPS in progress assessment and verification issues



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