Waste Water Treatment Plants

Feasibility Study with Preliminary Design of WWTP Veliko Selo (Belgrade)


Detailed Project summary

WWTP Veliko Selo is one of the five WWTPs envisaged by the Belgrade Master Plan until 2021. Central sewerage system covers a considerable territory of Belgrade between the Danube and the Sava, to the water divide Kumodraž, Mali Mokri Lug and the left bank of the Sava, New Belgrade and Zemun, up to the industrial zone (the total of 31,000 ha). The central plant is intended for reception of wastewater from the sewerage system, as well as stormwater drainage.


The design deals with alternative solutions of treatment. A comparative analysis is made per technical and economic parameters, and an alternative is proposed and selected.

Construction shall be executed in phases, until 2031. The plant capacity in final phase is 1,650,000 ЕS, and the maximum installed capacity is 6,343 l/s.




Belgrade Land Development Public Agency


SOGREAH (France), IK Consulting Engineers (Belgrade)

Value of construction: 166,800,000 €


Type of executed works


  • Data acquisition and analysis
  • Geodetic and geomechanical investigation works
  • Preparation of alternative solutions of treatment
  • Feasibility Study (cost/benefit and financial analysis)
  • Preliminary consideration of possible funding sources
  • Preliminary EIA
  • Preliminary Design of WWTP

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