Detailed Design of Water Intake from the Danube for Irrigation of Northern Part of Pančevački Rit


Detailed Project summary

ančevački Rit is a distinct geomorphological unit surrounded by river courses, in the west and south by the Danube, in the north by the Karašac, and in the northeast and east by the Tamiš. This spacious alluvial plain covering 40,696 ha, is protected by embankments against floods of the said water courses. In Pančevački Rit, the PKB Corporation a.d. owns 23,411 ha, out of which 17,795 ha are being tilled. Presence of the large high-quality agricultural land potential suitable for irrigation, availability of sufficient water quantity from the Danube and existence of channel network with 12 pumping stations, primarily used for irrigation, have all enabled development of irrigation on 1,750 ha of constructed systems and plans for irrigation expansion to about 5,000 ha total area.


The water for watering is taken from existing main channels, by mobile pumping units, and released into watering systems. The water in main channels is supplied via PS Kišvara from the Danube. This pumping station was constructed in 1956. It avails with 2+1 unit (two operating and one stand-by), each with capacity of 1.5 m3/s, with respective powers 250 kW each.




PUC Beogradvode

Project value: 125,000 €


Type of executed works


  • Analyses and calculations: hydrological, morphological and hydraulic analyses of Karašac channel; conditions and methods of water intake; agricultural production and estimate of required water quantity for irrigation; definition of PS Dunavac parameters; conditions and methods of separation between watersheds of PS Kišvara and new PS Dunavac; definition of parameters of gated dams in the beds of existing and planned channels.
  • Design of low voltage line for power supply to the pumping station
  • Final Design of new pumping station Dunavac, Q=2.0 m3/s. Three pumps with capacities of Q=1.0 m3/s each are selected, two of them operating and one stand-by.
  • Final Design of gated barrage which should enable separation between watersheds of PS Kišvara and newly designed PS Dunavac.
  • Final Design of 9 new water gates for the requirements of PKB Corporation.



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