Detailed Design of Hydro-Amelioration System ČaČak


Detailed Project summary

As one of the first irrigation systems in central Serbia, in the period 1957-1960, the Parmenac dam was constructed on the Zapadna Morava with a water intake for irrigation of the hydro-amelioration system „Čačak“ established over app. 4625 ha on the left bank of the Zapadna Morava, in Čačak field. Thirty years later (around 1987), the Čačak system operated only on 400 ha.


The hydro-amelioration system “Čačak” consists of the Parmenac dam on the Zapadna Morava, an intake structure in the left abutment of the Parmenac dam, 25 km long main channel with (design) capacity of 5.0 m3/s, and a 360 km long distribution network.




PUC Srbijavode

Project value: 99,000 €


Type of executed works


  • Investigation works: surveying of Parmenac reservoir; surveying of intake structure for irrigation on Parmenac dam; surveying of main channel and critical points; investigations, local uncovering and checking of distribution piping
  • Analyses and calculations: irrigation water source – hydrology of the Zapadna Morava;
    possibilities for intake and leveling of water in Parmenac reservoir; climatic-meteorological parameters; agricultural production in the Čačak system area; estimate of required water quantity for irrigation purposes
  • Solution for rehabilitation of the main channel and distribution network (pipes and channels of about 350 km); assessment of status, functional checks, modernization for the purpose of introduction of new irrigation techniques, enabling consumers’ connection to the network

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