Water Supply Systems

Consulting Services on Implementation of KfW Programme I and II: Water Supply and Sewerage in Mid-Size Municipalities


Detailed Project summary

In the last 15-20 years, bottlenecks resulting from inadequate maintenance have appeared in water supply systems of mid-size municipalities in Serbia. Water losses caused by immense wasting of water by all categories of consumers range between 30 and 50%. As a consequence of very low prices of potable water and sewerage, and very low collection rate (only 50-80% of total invoiced water is actually charged), waterwork companies were unable to carry out regular maintenance and modernisation measures. They largely depend on governmental and municipal subsidies. In the past period, the prices have grown several times, but the costs still cannot be covered.


In almost all municipalities, wastewater is collected through sewerage systems, but then it is released into rivers and channels without any treatment.

The aim of this Program is to contribute to the improvement of the living conditions of the population in the medium-sized municipalities in Serbia. Additionaly, to ensure reliable and hygienically correct water supply at a cost-effective and socially acceptable price, as well as improving the economy and management capabilities of the company.




SETEC (Germany) within KfW programme

Project value: 348,000 €


Type of executed works


  • Design of water supply network in City of Smederevo: 4 wells, 18 km of network
  • Design of water supply network in City of Kraljevo: 25 km of network, reservoir,
  • SCADA system for management of regulatory metering points
  • Design of water supply network in City of Vranje: 14 km of network
  • Design of water supply network in City of Trstenik: 14 km of network

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