Flood protection

Belgrade Waterfront Project


Detailed Project summary

EAGLE HILLS PROPERTIES ltd, as the Investor of the project “Belgrade Waterfront”, is directly interested in the coastal area where the realization of this project is envisaged to be protected from the great waters of the Sava River, while the coastline guarantees the stability of the coast. This part of the right bank of the Sava River was built around 1925. Filling of the right inundation (major troughs) was performed in order to form a freight port for manual loading / unloading of vessels. On the slopes of the coast and on the crown of the quay, the berths for mooring the vessel were built. All subsequent recording of the state of the built-up shore, carried out for the purpose of its possible rehabilitation (1977), showed that the shorelines were stable and the concrete cover was without major damage. This was confirmed by the last detailed recording for the needs of this project.


Planning base for high-water protection works river Sava, on the right-hand side, sector of km 1+000 (Brankov brodge), km 2+800 (New Railway bridge) to km 3+000 is located in the Spatial Plan of the special area for the purpose of arranging a part of the coastal area of the City of Belgrade - the area of the Sava River Basin for the project “Belgrade Waterfront”.

The construction and reconstruction of the coastline with the coastal belt on the right bank of the Sava River is planned in the control belt with a width of 30m. For the design of the Sava River Basin, a special planning document “BELGRADE WATERFRONT DETAILED MASTERPLAN” was prepared, within which detailed architectural solutions for the contents and arrangement of this space were provided.






CEP (Center for Urban Development Planning)


Type of executed works


  • Coastal Reconstruction Project
  • Projects of the terrace construction in front of the Pavilion
  • Projects of the terrace construction in the extension of the Promenade

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